Flight training


Cessna 172 engine Week 4 of ground school.  Focus was on engines and airframes.  More and more information is coming fast and furious and I think my head is just about full.  In two weeks, I’ll be writing my PSTAR exam which is a critical milestone for my license.  Minimum pass rate is 90% so I’ve got some studying to do.  Luckily, it comes when we’re on vacation so there will be some cram time available.

Just over a week to go before my medical.  Again, a  really critical step.  No pass, no license.

This morning, spent nearly 1 1/2 hours in the air.  Today’s training was on turns.  Mild, medium and steep turns finished up by a collision avoidance turn.  That one was fun!  Cut the power, bank about 45 degrees to the right and dive 500 feet while turning 90 degrees.  Scared the crap out of me when the instructor did it but was a real blast when I did it myself.  Total flying hours are now 5.10.