Vacation time


brooms We’re just starting a week of vacation.  Looks like it will be a busy one!  Tomorrow morning (Tuesday), I go for my Class 3 medical which I need for my student pilot’s license and Thursday I’m writing my PSTAR exam.

In between, we’re off to one of our favourite spots – St. Jacob’s Ontario.  We arrive Tuesday afternoon and it’s straight off to the outlet mall.  Later in the evening we’re off to dinner at Benjamin’s in the centre of the village. Wednesday morning it’s more shopping and we’ll be back home in the afternoon so I can continue studying.

St. Jacob’s is a wonderful town for photography.  I took the picture above a few years ago because how often do you run across a broom maker?   The village is nestled in Mennonite country and, even though St. Jacob’s is very commercial,  time slows down just a little to accommodate their lifestyle.