Hitting the books


How long has it been since you studied for a test?  For me, the time is measured in decades!  So here I find myself on vacation on a wet rainy day studying for my PSTAR exam tonight.

I’ve gone through all 200 possible questions and looked up each answer in the  Aeronautical Information Manual (which is for some reason known as the AIP) and the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARS), even if I was sure I knew the answers.  We’re allowed to write the exam tonight even though we haven’t completely covered some of the areas.  Even with all the information at hand I managed to get a few wrong.  Wording gets tricky at time.

A passing grade is 90% or over but the exam can be taken again if you’re a complete idiot and somehow manage to fail it the first time  – or second, or third or……… 

How was St. Jacob’s?  Meh.  Weather on Tuesday wasn’t great with rain off and on all day.  The outlet mall didn’t have much to offer and even Jan couldn’t manage to spend a lot at her favourite stores.  Dinner in the evening at Benjamin’s was OK but their menu isn’t as adventurous as it used to be.  Wednesday morning we hit all the little shops in the village but even that was a little disappointing.  I managed to dig up a few old airline ads at an “antique” shop which I’ll start scanning and putting online after I get through tonight.

Speaking of tests, I passed my aviation medical on Tuesday morning!!  The examiner, Dr. Thicke (who just happens to be the father of Alan Thicke) was a real hoot and this marks the first time I’ve ever had a fun visit to a doctor.  I’m in pretty good shape for an old guy and nothing he saw precludes me from flying.

UPDATE:  I passed the PSTAR!!