The first of my finds from the shop out in St. Jacob’s.  Hertz pushing the luxury of air travel and car rentals as the 1950’s come to an end.  United is just about to launch regular service of their new DC-8 and Hertz is ready to rent you a shining new Chevrolet to make your trip complete.

What’s changed since then?  You hardly ever deplane right on to the tarmac anymore unless it’s at Heathrow in London or Charles De Gaulle in Paris and then it’s just to board a bus for the long trip to the terminal.  A 4 foot fence?  Not bloody likely and you certainly couldn’t drive a car right up to it without a SWAT team going postal all over your ass.  A smiling “Stewardess”?  Excuse me, we’re flight attendants and we have very little to smile about.

It’s the nostalgia of these advertisements that catch my attention.  The glamour of air travel is gone along with our naive innocence.