Spanair crash in Madrid kills over 100


 © Javier Guerrero/AirTeamImages.comA Spanair MD-82 (similar to the one pictured) crashed on takeoff in Madrid Spain today and reports are now saying that over 100 people were killed.  The airline stated that a total of 166 pax and 9 crewmembers were  on board.

Spanair is owned by SAS and the aircraft was destined for Las Palmas in the Canary Islands.  The Boeing MD-82 (built by McDonnell Douglas) first took to the skies in 1980 and hundreds are still in service, the majority operated by American Airlines. Earlier this year, AA grounded its entire fleet of MD-80 series airplanes to check for hydraulic problems.  Though there is no official word on what caused today’s crash it only makes sense that this one area that will receive special scrutiny.

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