Freedom 55…Do I hear 60…65…70


imageYears ago, a Canadian financial company touted their “Freedom 55” plan which extolled the virtues of their investment strategy which would let you retire early and lead the good life on your yacht or some bullshit like that.

As the world’s stock markets tank, a lot of my retirement investments are going down with them.  Yet there was George Bush on CNN this morning playing up how this was a serious but not catastrophic blip and assuring a hand-picked group at some factory in Bug Squat Idaho or somewhere that the American worker was going to get the economy back on track right quick.

George, you’re an idiot.  Your administration did nothing to rein in the lenders who got the world into this sub-prime mess.  Now you’re willing to throw a trillion dollars at them while counting on the little people to bear this whole mess on their shoulders.

Go!  Go now!  And take McCain and Palin with you.