Chances of a white Christmas? Oh, about 300%



Yesterday the Greater Toronto Area got whacked with the first serious snow of the season.  About 15cm fell accompanied by strong winds.  Trying to shovel the driveway last night was an exercise in futility.  Throw one shovel load and get half of it back in your face.

Now we’re under another warning as the system shown at the top left of the image above comes barrelling at us.   This one starts tonight and promises another 10cm before it lets up tomorrow.  If that’s not enough, the long range says a third storm will hit on Christmas Eve.

After clearing the driveway this morning I headed out for a little shopping expedition.  Actually managed to get more than half the Xmas gifts out of the way.  No lineups anywhere I went.

We’re on holidays until the 5th of January so I can finally get into the Christmas spirit.  Annual regulars’ party at Jake’s tomorrow and Maxine and David are coming down (weather permitting).