The news is out



A few weeks ago, I hinted at some changes coming to the Toronto Aerospace Museum.  Well, now that YouTube has the word, I guess I’m safe to share it.  We’re being renamed as the Canadian Air & Space Museum

Changing the scope of the museum is seen as vital to our continuing growth.  The video describes some of the plans to expand the size of the museum and create theme areas. This will cost a lot of money so a fundraising campaign is underway.

The name change was made official at a special membership meeting on Tuesday and will be introduced at a press conference on February 20th.  Not everyone is happy with the change but a majority of the members who were present agreed with the Board’s direction.

As Chairman of the Wings and Wheels Heritage Festival committee, I’ve been waiting for this to be confirmed so that we can begin contacting vendors, aircraft owners and the press to get the word out about this year’s event using the new name and logo.

image (Yes that’s a crappy copy of the logo – best image I have so far)

I couldn’t be more excited about this new direction and I’m proud to play a small part in the museum’s operations.