Here we go again


At 6:20 pm tonight Air Canada 878 lifts off from Pearson Airport and I’ll be tucked into seat 25K. In just under 8 hours I’ll arrive in Zurich Switzerland. Big farking deal. I’ve made this trip about a dozen times and usually I’m excited, but not this time. I never thought I’d ever feel nothing about traveling but I could really do without this one. It’s another week of training and meetings – been there. It’s another couple of flights in economy – definitely been there. Staying in the Hotel Drei Konige in Einsiedeln – ditto. Everyone thinks that being able to travel overseas on business is the greatest perk available. Everyone, that is, except those who have done it a number of times. Airports are a hassle. Aircraft are cramped, uncomfortable and either too hot or too cold. Trains, even the excellent Swiss trains, just roll along. I’ve seen the scenery and it’s pretty but no longer exciting. Walking to the hotel in snow – hell, I could do that here. Day after day of meetings. No fun there. This could very well be my last trip to Switzerland for quite a while. The economy has my company seriously looking at curtailing these trips. Conference calls, video conferencing or good old emailing are being looked at as alternatives. I don’t blame them. I’ve sometimes felt guilty about wasting their money. I’m not even taking my big DSLR. When the possibility of grabbing pictures of the beauty of Switzerland doesn’t get a rise out of me, then you know the magic is gone. Perhaps I’ll get more excited as departure draws near. Right now, I’m doing laundry and packing – as usual. *SIGH*

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