Sleep is so overrated



This is what 3:30 in the morning looks like in Einsiedeln Switzerland.  Not a pretty sight is it?

I was dog tired last night and hit the sack at 9pm.  Slept great – until 1am.  Now I’m wide “awake” and dreading the fact that I’ve got a full day of sitting on my ass in a meeting to look forward to.

So what does one do at this time of the morning?  Watching TV is an option.  The hotel has tiny little TVs with 16 – count ‘em – 16 channels.  None of which are in English.  Usually you can get CNN International or BBC but not here.  I can watch Law & Order with German dubbing (surprisingly good) or these surreal soft-core pornfomercials which include naked tug of war, naked poker, naked rhythmic gymnastics, etc. wrapped around 15 second ads trying to get you to call on your “handy” (cellphone) and talk to beautiful girls who are waiting to satisfy your every aural desire.

I’d love to have a coffee but the idea of in room coffee makers hasn’t made it to this part of the world yet.  Everything in the hotel and the town is locked up tighter than a drum so I’m sucking back Coca-Coca Light and hoping for some sort of caffeine rush.   The alarm goes off in about 45 minutes and I know I could lay down right now and fall fast asleep.