Hands up (or pants down) if you’ve ever felt like doing this

Flying Is Fun

image A hardy “well done” to the Swiss International Airlines pilot who decided to tell off a security screener yesterday.  From the Sun 

When asked by the screener to remove his shoes and belt, he dropped his pants, exposed himself and asked “Do you want to search THIS?”

It has always amazed me why flight crews have to put up with the silly and humiliating procedures that the passengers endure.  Who cares if they’re carrying a small knife or a big bottle of Coke.  About 30 minutes after they get through security they’ll have their hands on the controls and they could essentially do anything they wanted.  Sure, they might have to fight off their partner should they feel the urge to reenact 9/11 but, come on, we trust these men and women with our lives.  Is it too much to ask that we show them a little respect?

The downside of this is that the flight had to be cancelled and 37 passengers waiting to board at London’s City Airport were forced to wait 2 hours.  All I can add is that the pilot sure had a lot of balls (or at least that’s what the eyewitnesses said).