Heading home

Flying Is Fun, Travel

Just over 4 hours until we depart Zurich for the 9 hour flight back to Toronto.  Another crummy night’s sleep but today I don’t care.  Tonight I get to sleep in my own bed again. 

I’m really upset that I’m missing the big press event at the museum today.  We finally unveil the new name – Canadian Air & Space Museum – and kick off our celebrations of the Centennial of Canadian Flight.  I hope that the place is packed and everything runs smoothly. 

Time to get ready to go.  Grab a quick shower.  Finish the packing.  Grab the shuttle bus to the airport.  Buy the chocolate (I can’t leave Switzerland until I buy chocolate). Check in at Zurich is always a pain as they never seem to have enough people on the desks.  Air Canada farms out their passenger services to an outside company and I’ve never been terribly impressed with their customer service skills.  Once I endure that it’s a quick trip through passport control (why, oh why can’t Canadian Customs be so efficient) and the 2 minute train ride with the mooing cows and yodelers.  If you’ve ever been through Zurich airport you know what I’m talking about.

Seat 21K today.  On a Boeing 767-300ER this puts me squarely over the wing.  Smoothest seat on the plane.  Catch a few catnaps, watch a movie or read a book and then I’ll be home.  Home.  What a wonderful word.