Final post on the Swiss trip


Let’s close the book on this one.  Flight from Zurich to Toronto took 9 hours and 5 minutes.  The plane was only half full so I got 2 seats to myself.  Not enough to stretch out (like some lucky bastards who grabbed the middle row did) but much more comfortable than normal.

Turbulence across the Atlantic was pretty brutal for about an hour.  Always fun to watch those big-ass wings flex.  We took off in cloud and I didn’t see the ground or water until we were about 5 minutes from touchdown as we crossed Lake Ontario.

I shot off the plane and managed to get through Customs in about 5 minutes which must count as some sort of record.  We landed at 1:15pm and I was home by 2. 

Delivered chocolates last night and this morning so I can now say that the trip is officially over!