Not helping so far

"Canadian Air & Space Museum"


Yep, that’s yours truly helping to open the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) this morning. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have helped the markets as they’re down about 112 points as I write this.

So the TSX invited us to celebrate the Centennial of Canadian Flight.  The museum gets some publicity and we all had a good time – except for having to drive downtown during the morning rush hour.

Big thanks to Monique who herded us through the process which is coordinated like a military operation.  9am – arrive.  9:05 – coffee and snacks. 9:15 – meet and greet with the President of the Exchange. 9:20 – presentation.  9:27 upstairs to the media section.  9:29:45 – start clapping.  9:30 – Museum Chairman Wayne Barrett touches a screen to open the market (keep clapping) 9:31 – stop clapping.  9:45 – get out!

An interesting experience.