February review


The first of March.  I guess it came in as a lamb.  Way too cold but sunny.

As February gets smaller in the rear view mirror it’s time for a quick review. At work it lived up to the standard that a full month’s work gets crammed into however many days there actually are.  The trip to Switzerland ate up a week in the wink of an eye so it put more pressure on the other three.  Bad economic news and minimum prospects were the order of the day.

Busy, busy month at the Museum.  The kick-off for the capital expansion plan on the 20th was the highlight but it doesn’t appear to have brought in the money or the crowds we were hoping for.  It’s going to be a tight year.

Lots of meetings in preparation for the Wings & Wheels Festival in May.  It’s really difficult  to make plans when you’re unsure that you’ll have all the space you need and you have absolutely no funds with which to get started.  So, you bull ahead expecting that everything will get resolved.  This is not the way my projects usually work so the learning curve has been immense.  Volunteers have all the best intentions in the world but, sometimes, it really is like herding cats.

What will I take away from February?  The TSX opening was fun and definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Who knows when I’ll get to travel overseas again so I’ll hang on to the memory of a snowy little Swiss town.  I still have a job and my health.  I love working at the museum, even if it sometimes gets a little frustrating.

We’ll wait to see how March shapes up.