Migraine Madness


I sent a tweet a few minutes ago asking if anyone wanted to buy a migraine headache, cheap.  So far no takers.

Migraines and I go way, way back but in the last year or so they’ve taken to given me an interesting warning.  I now have what is classified as “migraines with aura”.  Little squiggly lines of shimmering light that seem to come from my left eye now let me know that it’s time to reach for the Advil.  Extra strength Advil.  Oh how I love you.

The only good thing about the aura is that I now have a chance to ward off the worst of the pain.  About a hour from now I’ll be in bed trying very hard to lay perfectly still.  Hopefully, it will be of short duration and I’ll be good to go in the morning.  By classic definition, a migraine can last from 4 to 72 hours and I’m very happy to say that I usually get rid of them within 12 hours – less if I catch them early.

If my aviation medical doctor is reading this, please ignore this post.  Severe migraines can lead to the loss of your medical certificate.  Mine are not serious.  Honest Doctor Thicke.  I swear.

No one wants it?  Going once.