Flying Is Fun, photo


Not much to do on a dreary Sunday afternoon so I took a picture of a wall.  Actually it’s part of one wall in my home office.  Shows how much of an aviation nut I really am.

Clockwise from top:

A picture of a McDonnell Douglas DC-10 series 20 that was given to employees in celebration of its first visit to Toronto in September 1972.  Back then the plant was officially called “Douglas Aircraft Company of Canada Ltd” and was located at the Northeast corner of the land now owned by GTAA (Pearson International Airport).  The buildings, which were torn down a few years ago, were also once home to Victory Aircraft (Lancasters were built there) and Avro (home of the Arrow).

Western Airlines promotional poster from 1961.  Western Airlines (1925-1986) started off carrying mail and died when purchased by Delta.  In between they flew all the aircraft shown on the poster – from a Douglas M-2 biplane to the Boeing 720B.  The tag line is interesting “From Biplane to Fanjet, 22 Aircraft Types Have Carried the Colors of Western Airlines, America’s Pioneer Airline”  An eBay find.

Opening the TSX.  A recent addition to the wall.

Autographed picture of CF-18.  One of my photos that I had autographed by the pilot who flew it in for Wings & Wheels 2008.  “Cherry” was a great young man, very professional and friendly.  And he likes to fly the Hornet low and fast!  The shot was taken as he ran one of his runway “checks”.  Since you can’t fly acrobatics over Toronto, Cherry announced that he was a little heavy on fuel and was running a series of runway checks to look for debris or obstructions before landing.  Very low, very fast, very loud. Along with his signature it reads “Keep the blue side up” and I’ve tried to keep that in mind during my flight training.

Nearly every wall, cabinet and piece of floor has something aviation related.  Every piece tells a story.