One “Flu” over this cuckoo’s nest


Three days fighting some bug.  I’d probably feel better if it wasn’t for the news about this new evil influenza strain coming out of Mexico.  A combination of swine, avian and some other variety flu have come together into some sort of unholy trinity of nastiness. 

I had to take Thursday and Friday off work and I missed a Wings & Wheels meeting this morning over at the museum.  My body is revolting and I didn’t even need to look into a mirror to know it.  Achy, stuffy and just generally miserable.  It’s an incredible 26C outside and I should be out cleaning up the lawns and soaking in the glorious sunshine trying to put some colour into this pasty Canadian winter “tan”.

A day and half to get rid of this thing so I can get back to work on both jobs.  Lots to do for my paying job and twice as much to do for the museum. 

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