My first true love



Yesterday, my mother “celebrated" her 80th birthday.  The quotes signify exactly how bittersweet the day was.

Maxine spent 2 weeks in hospital up in Midland Ontario and was finally released yesterday.  Her life is changing dramatically as a result of the tests that were run with not all the questions yet answered.  But we won’t dwell on that now.

Mary Maxine Gorman was a young woman in Peterborough when Ted Mist swept her off her feet.  They married and 2 years later I came into the world.  Susan arrived 3 years later.  The next few decades flew by as the family moved from place to place all across Canada driven by a man who was never really content with his lot and was always looking for that one big move that was going to make everything just right.  Maxine followed dutifully bringing up the kids and experiencing all the highs and lows of this nomadic existence.  There were good times and a whole lot of bad times but she’s always been the stoic one.  She made the best of what we had.

She’s been through the death of a husband, a daughter and a partner.  She put up with me in my wild teen years and all the hell that I dished out.  She’s proud of how I turned out.

Years ago she supervised the building of a house outside of Wasaga Beach and she came into her own as it was constructed.  Maxine blossomed.  She became an accomplished artist, she rediscovered her love of tennis.  New friends, new travels, a new woman.

The first day I visited her in hospital, one of the nurses thought I was her husband.  Even in extreme pain that’s how good she looks.

So she’s back home with David and the zoo – Alex, Nicky, Patrick and Fancy.  Now we have to get her back on her feet and ready to face the challenges to come.


Happy Birthday Maxine.  My mother, my love.

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  1. Your mom looks very good for her age, it seems to me! I think what is most important to people in our lives is the parents!

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