A constant in an ever changing world


Surfing through all the updates on Twitter under the #IRANELECTION hashtag and a user name caught my eye.  @michael_crook.  Could it be?  No, it couldn’t be.  Dam, it is!

This waste of air threatened to sue me (and many others) for posting entries about what an unsufferable prick he was when he (and I’m paraphrasing heavily here) went ballastic because a screenshot from a news network was being used without his “permission”.  The long and the short of it is that I caved and took down the posts.  Not long after he got busted.

Well Michael has resurfaced on Twitter to throw his lunatic 2 cents into the ongoing coverage and debate of the unrest in Iran in response to the “fair” elections.

Recent gems:

“You CLAIM you were raped, but like all women, you asked for it in some way or another”

“I support Basij more than I support the protesters. “ (The Basij being state supported thugs)

“No one determines the fate of their humanity but they themselves. If they obey their government, all will be well.”

Ah, Michael, I really missed you.

5 thoughts on “A constant in an ever changing world

  1. Thanks for the post. I also miss Michael. But we cant do a thing with it. We should live our lives in our own way. Soon somebody say that he misses us. It is such a pleasure to know that somebody needs you.

  2. I read some of his recent twitter updates, he apparently got into it with his girlfriend because she claimed he has an internet addiction. She dumped him, haha! She wanted to get her stuff and he wouldn’t let her, very childish and immature. Seems like a real winner. And he chose twitter over his girlfriend, what a loser! Here’s to mr. crook not getting any for a very long time, haha! Regards!

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