A little therapy



With everything that’s gone on lately I’m definitely ready for a little personal time.  What better way to relax and think about other things than to watch planes go fast? 

I’m currently in Belleville Ontario and it’s 6am.  In two hours I hop on a school bus for the short trip to CFB Trenton for the Anniversary Weekend Air Display put on by 8 Wing.

Yesterday, I spent the day at the Canadian Aviation Historical Society meetings where we listened to a number of very interesting speakers talk about Canadian aviation.  Topics ranged from training in the 20’s to the CC-177 Globemaster III, the newest and largest addition to the Canadian forces inventory.  We had some fun and learned a few things and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Today I’ll be loaded down with 3 cameras ready to shoot my brains out.  The last time I got close to airplanes was at Wings & Wheels and I was far too busy to really enjoy myself so I’m really looking forward to today.

On the agenda:

  • 60 year Memorial Gates rededication
  • Parade
  • Fly past
  • bands and colours presentation
  • Skyhawks parachute team
  • Snowbirds and the Hawk One F86 Sabre
  • Griffon Search and Rescue Demonstration
  • Hercules Para Drop
  • CF-18 demo team
  • Centennial flight
  • CC-150 Polaris / CF-18 air-to-air refuelling demo
  • CC-177 Globemaster III

Oh yes, there will be pictures later.