Just what the Doctor ordered

aviation, Flying Is Fun


I feel much better.  Tired, but better. 8 hours of standing and watching the airshow at CFB Trenton did me a world of good.  It was great to think about nothing except what I was looking at in the viewfinder.

A very impressive flying display capped off by the Snowbirds aerobatic team.  This untouched shot shows the 8 plane maple leaf pattern.  Sharp eyes out there will notice there’s a hole just to the left of the leader.  The regular pilot who would fill that slot went back home to be with his wife and their newborn baby.  Even with a missing man the formation must be maintained.

There were so many great moments today. 


Hawk One, the restored F86 Sabre, a CF-18 Hornet in 100th anniversary colours and a Snowbird Tutor in a centennial flypast.  Truly amazing to see 3 generations of Canadian military power in the air at the same time.  Couple of hundred photos to go through and clean up.