The upcoming weekend

"Canadian Air & Space Museum", aviation

Friday winding down and the weekend’s on the horizon gleaming with promise.  Spending the next 2 days at the museum.  Saturday is prep day for Sunday’s luncheon celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Avro Jetliner.

Avro XC-102 Jetliner - picture from author's collection

The Avro C102 Jetliner was the world’s 2nd jet powered passenger aircraft.  The de Havilland Comet beat the C102 by only thirteen days! CF-EJD (-X), pictured above, took to the air on August 10 1949 from Malton Airport.

In April 1950, the Jetliner carried the world’s first jet airmail from Toronto to New York in 58 minutes– half the previous record (c.340 miles, 352mph). The flight was highly publicized and the crew was welcomed with a ticker tape parade through the streets of Manhattan.

Just like the CF-105 Arrow, the C102 project was ordered stopped by the Canadian government.

Chief Designer of both aircraft, James C. Floyd, will be at this Sunday’s event.  Looking forward to some interesting stories!