English speaking passengers, remain calm. Those who speak French, feel free to panic.

Flying Is Fun


Passengers on board an Aer Lingus flight from Dublin to Paris certainly received mixed messages.  A flight attendant made an announcement in English asking that seat belts be fastened due to turbulence.  They then played a recorded announcement in French that warned that the plane, which was over the Irish Sea, was about to ditch.

Quoting from an article in the online version of the Telegraph.UK;

Terrified French passengers, who made up most of the 70 travellers on board, were said to have “freaked out” with many crying out and bursting into tears.

A spokesman for the airline said:

The was a malfunction of the public address system and we apologise to our passengers. This sort of thing happens very rarely.

I would say that’s probably a good thing.  The event occurred on August 4th.