But was the goose cooked?

Flying Is Fun

Transport Canada’s Civil Aviation division maintains a listing of all the bad things that happen in the skies or on or around the nation’s airports.  CADORS  Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System.  I like to look at them once in a while and today I came across this one:




Click on the picture to enlarge it.  Basically, a pilot reported dead birds on the runaway.  All bird strikes must be reported and you’re supposed to find out what type of bird was involved.  This CADOR doesn’t follow the normal dry reporting style.  For those that are having trouble reading it, here’s the relevant text:

Aerodrome Safety reported that airside operations personnel recovered and removed two Ross’s Geese (smaller version of a snow goose) and then found a third one knock knock knocking on heaven’s door.

I imagine the chap who wrote this will be in some trouble.