Carl Sagan's Cosmos

With a couple of days of vacation before heading off to Switzerland for business, I looked around for something to watch online while doing some work on my mother’s estate.

I was amazed that the entire 13 part series of “Cosmos” was available at YouTube.  User Dutchdrummer99 has a done a superb job of putting everything up and tagging them correctly. YouTube only allows 10 minute clips so keeping them in order is a monumental task.

For those too young or with failing memories, Cosmos was presented on PBS by Dr. Carl Sagan in 1980 with episode names like “One Voice in the Cosmic Fugue” and “Blues for a Red Planet”.  It was a groundbreaking introduction to astronomy and a fascinating view of the universe.

What is truly surprising is how well the series stands up with it’s then cutting edge special effects.  Dr. Sagan, who passed away in 1996, was a wonderful teacher.

You can subscribe to the entire series here.  It’s well worth the time.