Not a great start to the trip

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Snow in Einsiedeln

Snow in Einsiedeln

Well I’m here.  The picturesque town of Einseideln South of Zurich.  The flight across was terrible.  No sleep and cramped quarters.  By the time I got in, I was dead tired so I just grabbed the train and headed straight for the hotel.

Once we started climbing up into the hills there was something just not right.  Was that snow???  Sure enough it started snowing and it hasn’t let up yet.   Big wet flakes that make it hard to see but at least they’re not building up on the ground.  The picture is from the balcony of my room at the Drei Konige Hotel.  Utilitarian accommodations but at least I can duck outside for a smoke.

This day is a right off so I’m going to grab some sleep and see if I can get on Swiss time.