When the cure is worse than the disease


I feel crappy. Before you rush to put on your masks or rubber gloves, it’s not H1N1 (or Swine Flu or, my personal favourite, Bacon Lung).

For almost a month I’ve been waking up finding it hard to breathe.  My sinuses have been plugged and my throat as dry as a desert.  I finally decided to quit the normal male stoicism routine and get to the Doctor.  An allergic reaction to something – cause unknown.  No problem, we’ve got a drug for that.  Quick trip to the pharmacy and we’re good to go.

Not so fast!  Nasonex was the prescribed wonder drug.  Couple of shots up the nose twice a day and everything should be good to go.  Except for those pesky little side effects.  Headache?  You betcha!  Sore throat?  Check.  Loss of appetite?  In spades!  Oh and did we mention that it lower your immunity level?  Good time for that to happen.

I’ve got to keep taking this stuff for at least another week.  Hopefully I can survive the cure.