A big day in Everett Washington

Flying Is Fun


If everything goes to plan an airplane registered as N787BA carrying the callsign ZA001 will lift off the runway at Paine Field in Everett Washington at 1800GMT (1pm EST).  Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner will finally spread its wings.

Plagued by problems and 2 years late in development, the 787 represents a quantum leap in the history of commercial aviation.  The future of Boeing rests on a successful outcome and planespotters are camped out waiting for the moment when the main wheels lift off the tarmac.

Millions of words have been written about the 787 and its tortuous journey to this day.  My main source for news has been Jon Ostrower and his excellent website.  Anything you would ever want to know can be found along with spectacular pictures and videos.  One of Jon’s favorite sources is Liz Matzelle who appears to live at Boeing.  A great selection of her pictures is available here.

Nothing, except gravity, is ever absolute in aviation and the flight could be delayed or cancelled but I’ve got my fingers crossed.

UPDATE: She flew!!

(image courtesy of Boeing)