image Over the holidays, I’ve finished reading the biography “John Lennon: The Life” by Philip Norman.  A good but not great look at the life of a very complicated, and in some ways, nasty man.

A hard childhood coupled with some incredible strokes of luck led Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr to storm the world of music and popular culture.  Through it all, Lennon remained remarkably aloof from everything that was going on around him.  He treated a lot of devoted people around him like crap but they still stuck with him.

Norman spends a lot of time dissecting the songs giving them a dark meaning.  For instance, “Help” really is a call for help.

I’m not sure that he doesn’t read too much into some songs that were just pure pop. 

The one revelation in the book is Yoko Ono.  She comes across as a smart but strange woman who had no part in the Beatles breakup.