Vacation on the horizon


Just a couple of days to go before I actually get some vacation. Of course instead of taking the time off to relax and recharge, I’m going to stand on my feet for 4 days as a volunteer at the Canadian International Air Show which is better known as the CNE Air Show.

This annual event signifies the end of the Canadian National Exhibition and the unofficial end of summer. I’ve been to a few over the years and last year I signed up to be considered as a volunteer for the 2010 show. I was contacted a month or so ago and was accepted for a position in “Boss Control”. The Air Boss is in charge of the show and occupies a secure position on the Ontario Place island. Though details are sketchy, I think I’ll be acting as a glorified security guard keeping people out of the area. No matter. Get a snazzy shirt and I’ve been promised enough time off to get pictures.

Finally get a chance to use the long lens I bought for my aborted trip to Oshkosh. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a bit of networking in support of next year’s Wings & Wheels event.