2010 – big byte of the Apple


This was the year that I really went over to the Dark Side.  Steve Jobs is my Emperor and I make no excuses (except for the play on words in the title)

Starting the year, I was playing with a new iPhone.  Loved it from first sight and it’s still my phone of choice.  Sorry RIM.  I still carry a BlackBerry for work but it feels like a dinosaur.

After getting the taste, I had to have more.  Hello iPad.  Oh you seductress.  Your sleek form.  Your responsiveness. The apps, all those lovely apps.  She’s now my link to social media, the heart of my productivity solution and more fun than any one man should have with a chunk of glass, aluminum and silicon.

Now, in the last days of the year I’m going steady with the Apple TV.  Tiny little black box that sits quietly beside the LED screen bringing me hours and hours of entertainment.  That you would arrive at the same time that Netflix made its debut in Canada was a fiendish plot to keep me in one spot for hours a day.

Things are so bad that I’m seriously looking at the MacBook Air to replace this aging Dell laptop.  I’m hooked bad.