You’ll be seeing less of me in 2011 (I hope)

Flying Is Fun, weight loss

I took this picture 2 days ago.


Why, you might ask, would I set myself up for shame and ridicule by posting this?  Easy, I’ve joined a competition to see how low I can make that terrible, terrible number.

Chris over at AIRLINEPORN recently twittered that he was thinking of starting a little challenge to lose weight.  We corresponded a bit and it’s now official.  Starting January 17 and ending at AirVenture 2011 in Oshkosh at the end of June, pilots (and those who love planes) will be trying to slim down.  The contest will actually end with a 5k run around the site.

Rules are simple and potentially embarrassing.  Take a picture of yourself in all your rotund glory that will be posted on his website.  Once a week, snap a picture like the one above so that the whole world can marvel at your progress or laugh at your shame.

All joking aside, this is just the type of incentive I think I need to stick to a sensible eating plan and exercise regime.  Late this year I’ll hit 60.  My lifestyle will probably kill me before I can enjoy retirement.  I have to do something so why not have some fun at the same time.

Interested? Hop over to the official page where you can read the rules (don’t worry they’re not that bad) and download the entry form.  What have you got to lose besides love handles, saddlebags, moobs and your double or triple chin.