2 weeks on


It’s been 2 weeks and a bit since I decided to stop smoking.  Not “quit” just stopped.  Once an hour my body says smoke and I say no.  Quitnet.com tells me that I’ve been saying this for 15 days, 17 hours, 57 minutes and 32 seconds and I’ve said it to 394 cigarettes.

How am I doing?  Surprisingly well considering the amount of years I actually smoked. 

Why won’t you say you’ve quit?  This, to me, is the secret of my success so far. Quitting implies that you’ll never, ever smoke again.  A lot of pressure.  Deciding not to have a cigarette just because my body (or more correctly my mind) says I “need” one is just a minor hurdle to clear.  No big deal. 

So now I’ve said NO 394 times.  My brain thinks I should be lighting up right now.  Time for another decision.