It’s almost time


Maggie helps with the packing as we get ready for tomorrow’s flight to Milwaukee and drive up to Oshkosh to take part in AirVenture 2011.

To say I’m excited is like saying the CN Tower is sort of tall.  I’ve been planning this trip for 2 years and I just can’t believe it’s finally here.  All my friends and co-workers are either very, very sick of hearing me talk about Oshkosh, are jealous or are waiting for me to show up tomorrow.

This whole thing is a logistical nightmare.  The flights and hotel had to be booked very early as Oshkosh attracts a 1/2 million visitors over its one week run.  I’m actually staying up in Green Bay which will involve at least a 1 hour drive each way.  Next year, I’m either going to camp or try and get a room in the Hilton Garden Inn which is right next to the airport.  My ride to Pearson Airport comes at 5am tomorrow so I can check in, get through security and US Customs and make the 8am departure.  A 1 1/2 hour flight to Milwaukee, pick up the rental car and then a 90 minute drive to Oshkosh.  Collect all the wristbands, strap on the cameras (2 DSLR and 1 Video), slather on the sunscreen and grab the bug spray.  I’ve got maps but the first thing to do will to be to orient myself.  AirVenture is a HUGE event and up to 5000 aircraft are expected to arrive and depart during the week so you can imagine how much parking space that will take.  Add in onsite camping, vendors displays, a museum and infrastructure and you get a small idea of my challenge.  Here’s the official site map.




























I have a list of things to do during the week starting with an air show EVERY SINGLE DAY (and twice on Saturday).  Tuesday I have a ride scheduled in a Ford Trimotor and a cruise on the world’s largest airship on Wednesday.   Toss in a few parties and TweetUps along with nightly movies, seminars and shopping and I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to fit it in!

Expect lots of pictures.