September is here and someone turned off Summer

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Wow, that was some weekend.  From feeling like 40 Celsius on Saturday to 15 yesterday.  We always think of Labor Day as the “unofficial” end of Summer but there’s no reason for the weather to remind us what’s to come.

Had a great time working the Canadian International Air Show down at the CNE on Toronto’s lakefront.  This is such an outstanding event with a 62 year history and I’m so pleased that I’ve been able to help out for 2 years now.  Working Boss Control on Ontario Place’s West Island gives you the absolute best seat in the house with access to pilots, crews and event management and the perfect view as the show unfolds right in front of you.

The only criticism I have is the direction you face which makes lighting very, very problematic.  The poor Nikon is challenged on every shot but this is such a small issue that I shouldn’t even mention it.  The CIAS is just so dam much fun.

The picture above was taken on Labor Day.  Dale “Snort” Snodgrass with the Heavy Metal Jet Team puts his MiG-17 through a low-level high-speed knife edge pass over Lake Ontario at 700kmh.  An incredible piece of flying in a beautifully decked out classic fighter.