Nice surprise in the mail today

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Vintage Wings of CanadaAll year long I’ve been running into Dan Dempsey, pilot of the Discovery Air Hawk One Sabre from Vintage Wings of Canada.  Last month up in Gatineau we talked for a few minutes and I asked if he had any Hawk One badges.  “Not with me”, he said but he promised to see what he could find.  I gave him my address but didn’t think anything of it.

Today in the mail came a plaque for the Canadian Air & Space Museum (click the link to visit their website and see how YOU can help them survive) which I’ll hang on to until things settle down and a few other goodies. On the left is the current patch and on the right is the 2009 patch celebrating the 100th anniversary of powered flight in Canada.  2 very rare and very cool additions to my collection.

Thanks Colonel Dempsey (that’s him above and below waving from one of the most beautiful offices in the world.)  It was a pleasure working with you at Wings & Wheels where we were all so amazed at your stamina and how much fun you were having with the kids.  And thanks for making Hawk One dance.

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  1. I volunteered at the 2010 Wings & Wheels Heritage Festival. I have a beautiful collection of pictures from the two day event. I also have pictures from an event which I volunteered for put on by the Museum for kids to take a flight around the CN Tower. Wishing you the best and hoping for security, funding and huge worldwide public support to maintain the Heritage of Canada’s amazing Aviation History in its Historical Building. Canadian pm’s are no fans of Canadian Aviation historically it would appear.

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