The future arrives with flexed wings

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The future of air travel arrived in Toronto on Thursday afternoon at about 1:40pm.  To the delight of hundreds lining the perimeter fence, Boeing and Air Canada brought the 787 Dreamliner to Pearson International Airport.  AC is scheduled to take possession of over 30 787’s in the next few years and Boeing flew in to show off the airplane and help celebrate Air Canada’s 75th birthday.

Even at this distance the 787 is so quiet that you could hold a normal conversation.  Yes I know the engines are near idle but compared to the 737-700 that proceeded it, this is one quiet airplane.

I’m incredibly lucky to be able to say that I’ve seen 2 Dreamliners.  The first was 001 (above) that dropped into AirVenture Oshkosh last year.  001 has now been retired to the desert where she’ll wait to take her place as a museum piece.  003 remains in Toronto until tomorrow (Sunday March 4) when she flies off to Boston to continue the “Dream Tour”.

I’ll be at the airport early tomorrow to try for departure shots.  It will probably be at least a year if not two before we see another 787 in Toronto

Thanks Boeing.  Thanks Air Canada.