26 days to go


The end of June brings us to the half way mark of the year but, more importantly to an aviation freak, means that Oshkosh is just around the corner.

AirVenture is the largest aviation meet up in the world. Everyone knows it simply as “Oshkosh” and it is number 1 on my list of events. My tickets have been purchased. I’ve had the hotel room booked almost since the 2011 event wrapped up. My route has been planned and replanned.

Jan is prepared to become an Oshkosh widow again. She knows I’ll try and call her everyday but she won’t be too upset if I miss a call. She’ll chalk it up to me looking at something shiny or watching something fly by all speed and noise. I will be in heaven.

I’ve been getting ready for the the miles and miles of walking and hope to be able to keep up with all the events I’ve put on the list. Last year I could hardly walk by the time I drove back to catch the flight home. What sweet agony! The smile lasted a whole week – not even the back to work grind could scrub it off my face.

Now I just need to figure out a way to make the next 26 days go faster!