Mid-Winter Social

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Being a volunteer at an air show is hard work but it has more than its share of perks.  The obvious one is that you’re directly involved with an event that attracts thousands of visitors to see and hear fantastic flying and static aircraft.  Equally, if not more valuable, is the friendships that develop.  Volunteers are good people.  Aviation volunteers are GREAT people!  A shared passion that keeps everyone smiling through the sun (or rain), heat, crowds, noise and the million others things that can and invariably will go wrong.

I’ve been helping out at the Waterloo Air Show for a few years now and one of the best perks is the mid-winter social put on by the organizers to acknowledge the volunteers and give us an opportunity to forget about the cold and snow for a few hours and talk about past shows and the one to come.  Friday night I braved some crappy driving conditions to join the group at the Flite Line Services hangar at Waterloo International Airport.  A great time was had by all!