Save Voodoo 006–Call for Assistance

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The Jet Aircraft Museum needs your help.  The Save Voodoo 006 campaign is short of its fundraising goal of $25,000 to dismantle and transport the last CF-101 “Voodoo” flown by the Canadian Air Force. Currently 006 is on display at the Cornwallis Military Museum in Nova Scotia, Canada where the weather is not being kind to the airframe.  The plan is to move it by road to a covered facility at the London International Airport in London Ontario.

What do we need?  The short answer is money. To move the aircraft 1KM will cost approximately $10 and we have 2,500 KM to travel.  The Save Voodoo 006 website makes it easy to donate.

Save Voodoo 006 is also an opportunity to gather people who flew, worked on or just love the CF-101.  Stories, pictures, manuals, artifacts, expertise and memories – all are welcome!  We also need to spread the word!!  Military aviation is a part of our history that needs to be preserved and celebrated.  This is the mission of the Jet Aircraft Museum and the Save Voodoo 006 campaign is a tangible example of the drive and dedication of this all-volunteer organization. 

Interested in being part of the disassembly/reassembly crew?  Contact me!

Contact me for more information.  Follow the campaign on Facebook