First Flight – Douglas A-20 Havoc – January 23, 1939

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 The Douglas A-20 Havoc was an American attack bomber also used in intruder and night fighter modes in World War II by the Americans, Soviets, British, Australians as well as the French and Dutch.  The British Commonwealth air forces referred to the aircraft as the “Boston”.  To further complicate matters, the USAAF referred to the Havoc as the P-70 when configured as a night fighter variant.

Whatever name was used,  the Havoc carried a crew of either 2 or 3 and was powered by 2 Wright R-2600-A5B Twin Cyclone engines capable of a maximum speed of 339mph at 10,000 feet.  The Havoc was equipped with 8 50-cal machine guns and could carry 4,000 pounds of bombs.

Nearly 8,500 airframes of the type were built and the USAF finally retired them in 1949.

The airplane above, an A-20G, was photographed at the National Museum of the US Air Force in Dayton Ohio.

(information from the Air Force Museum and Wikipedia)