Sun ‘n fun 2014 – day 5 recap

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My last full day at Sun ‘n Fun was also the best. Thanks to Hartzell Propeller I won a ride with Team Aerodynamix over Lakeland.

 From formation takeoff to “follow the leader” in attitudes more extreme then I’ve experienced before, it was fun ride.  Team founder Mike “Kahuna” Stewart provided explanations of the maneuvers being flown as we danced through the morning sky with just feet of separation with the other 10 RV-8s.

 The day started foggy but it didn’t prevent my flight or the mass balloon launch that preceded it.

 The afternoon air show found me getting a little tired and sun baked but I did manage to catch more action from the F-22 Raptor

 Jaw dropping power and performance.

It’s coming up on 6am on a Sunday morning.  My flight home leaves around 2:30 so I’ll probably head back to the grounds for a couple of hours and more pictures in the static and General Aviation areas.  Or I might just go, sit and enjoy the morning.  It’s been a long, lovely week in Lakeland and a fantastic start to the air show season.