Formation Flying – Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association

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Today In Aviation History – May 17, 1959 – First Public Show RCAF Golden Hawks


 May 17, 1959.  The RCAF Golden Hawks performed for the general public for the first time in Torbay Newfoundland. Led by S/L F. G. “Fern” Villeneuve, the team flew Canadair CF-86 Sabres in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of powered flight in Canada.

The Golden Hawks thrilled hundreds of thousands of spectators through 1963.  They were disbanded by an official statement from then defence minister Paul Hellyer on February 7, 1964.

Top picture:  Vintage Wings of Canada F-86 Sabre “Hawk One” dedicated to Fern Villeneuve.

Bottom picture: 1961 team photo.  Picture taken at RCAF Museum at CFB Trenton

Information taken from “A Tradition of Excellence” by Dan Dempsey

This Day in History – April 14, 1912 – The Sinking of the Titanic


TitanicSinkingAt 10:25 pm Eastern Time on April 14, 1912 two wireless operators in Cape Race Newfoundland hear the morse code for CQD (Come Quickly, Danger) and the position of the RMS Titanic. The great liner on her maiden voyage from Southampton England to New York has struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic and is sinking.

Only 711 survive out of a total of 2,224 passengers and crew.

Today In Aviation History – March 25, 1958 – First Flight Avro CF-105 Arrow



March 25, 1958.  Test pilot Jan Zurakowski took off from Malton Airport near Toronto in an Avro CF-105 Arrow for a 35-minute maiden flight.  In less than a year the program would be cancelled and all aircraft destroyed.

Picture above of the full-size replica of RL-203 built by the Toronto Aerospace Museum (now Canadian Air & Space Museum).  Replica currently in storage awaiting a new home.