A new year is upon us. Another chance to get it right. Or if we’re good, another year to keep doing it right. A time to make resolutions – most of which we won’t keep or are so unspecific as to be unmeasurable.

Did I make a difference? Probably, but I can’t put my finger on anything right at this moment. Did I cause harm? I don’t think so, not intentionally at least.

I started this Blog back in January and I’ve had a lot of fun with it. A few people have taken the time to read it and for that I am eternally grateful. I tumbled on to Whole Wheat Radio and have conversed with some great people and had a chance to hear some wonderful radio.

My wife still tolerates me. My employer hasn’t changed the locks on me. My mother still thinks I’m ok and I hope I was able to offer some comfort when she lost her brother and her long-time companion, both in December. The local bar got too much of my money but a lot of fantastic people hang out there so I guess it was a fair trade.

The world is still standing, still shaky but still spinning. Too many people continue to die for reasons that make no sense to me. The terrorists haven’t quite won yet though the sense of paranoia fostered by our friends to the south is causing me to worry about the freedoms that we all take for granted.

Mad Cow disease is back in the news. SARS seems to be making a comeback. It’s too damm warm for the first day in January.

Ah, the heck with it. I wish everyone out there the Happiest of New Years and let’s all remember to commit a random act of kindness every day.

Peace to you all.



Incredibly stunning photography by Kurt Ross.


First and foremost are the special people in my life – and then art. From earliest recollection there was art.

Art has been a rudder to navigate with when there was the danger of being blown off course. It has nurtured sensibilities that I try to apply beyond creative pursuits. It is the immeasurable joy of creating and the inextinguishable wonderment at Creation. Any path through life that did not fully involve art was impossible.

Artistic passion and a fascination for the dynamic forces and ever changing elements of nature, eventually led to photography as my primary mode of artistic expression. These “Impressions of Nature” are my ever-evolving response to this lifelong commitment to the arts, to that consuming need for creative expression, and my tremendous appreciation for natures limitless splendors.

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Back home again. Nice couple of days on the road but it’s always nice to come home. Yesterday, we stopped in New Hamburg to visit with Sandy and Bob Harding. Great lunch and then a quick trip back into Brampton. The cats, as cats will do, greeted us at the door, got some fresh food and water and then promptly ignored us.



This is a picture of one of the blooms on the big Rose of Sharon bush in our backyard. Not really a rose but beautiful just the same. If anyone knows the proper time to trim these things, I’d appreciate you letting me know. It’s in danger of taking over our entire yard.



A picture from my office just after the power went out last Thursday afternoon. It shows staff members who gathered together to start planning how we were going to handle the emergency. People just kept showing up asking what they could do to help. I work with a great bunch of people!



The lights are still on (48 hours and counting) and the memory of that dark day is already starting to fade. That is, of course, until tomorrow morning when the authorities advise us that we may start experiencing rotating or “rolling” blackouts. Their concern hinges on what will happen when factories and offices try to return to normal and put a larger load on the electrical grid which is still not fully functional. Not all of the nuclear plants are up and running and we could overload the system again. Here’s hoping that we’ll keep the electrons flowing. I spent too much time at work getting all the IT equipment running and I would like to start my vacation thank you very much.

Everyone’s got stories to tell and it’s funny and somehow touching how things like this bring people together. Standing in line with total strangers, someone will invariably ask you “When did your power come back?”. If we could only strike up conversations as easily when there isn’t some sort of disaster involved.