Today In Aviation History – April 10, 1937 – Birth of Trans-Canada Airlines

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 April 10, 1937.  Act of Parliament creates [[Trans-Canada Airlines]], now [[Air Canada]], to coordinate air transport across Canada, with HQ in Montreal. Founded by Minister of Transport C.D. Howe, TCA is a wholly owned affiliate of Canadian National Railway (CNR).

Shown above is Lockheed Electra 10A “CF-TCC” one of the original aircraft purchased by TCA for the service between Seattle Washington and Vancouver British Columbia.

Air Canada Suspends Flights to Venezuela – for now


 Air Canada announced yesterday that they are temporarily suspending operations to Caracas Venezuela due to the continuing civil unrest in that country.  The statement says:

Due to on-going civil unrest in Venezuela, Air Canada can no longer ensure the safety of its operation and has suspended flights to Caracas until further notice.

Whether Air Canada will be able to resume their flights would be in doubt as the government of Nicolas Maduro has said in the past that any airline that reduced their operations in Venezuela would face “severe measures”.  The President has been quoted as saying:

The company that leaves the country will not return while we hold power.

Passengers who left for Caracas on the 15th and 16th will be brought home by other airlines and Air Canada is offering full refunds to anyone with future reservations.

(details from Air Canada and BBC)

Today In Aviation History – March 1, 1939 – Trans-Canada Airlines begins transcontinental service

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March 1, 1939.  Flying Lockheed 14 Super Electras like the one shown above (Wikipedia) and Model 18 Lodestars, Trans-Canada Airlines  (TCA) begins intercontinental service from Montreal to Vancouver.  TCA, the forerunner of Air Canada,  would quickly grow to 500 employees and go on to become Canada’s largest airline known around the world for the distinctive maple leaf tail.

Quite fitting that this milestone be celebrated just as Air Canada’s first Boeing 787 Dreamliner emerged from the paint shop earlier today.



(787 photo originally posted on Twitter)

Air Canada Posts Strong 2013 Results


Just over a week after WestJet reported good earnings, Air Canada chimes in with news that 2013 was their best year in their 77 year history.   Its full-year adjusted earnings were a company record of $340 million, or $1.20 per share — six-times higher than in 2012.  This comes despite the fact that 4th quarter earnings missed forecast due to bad weather and the drop in the Canadian Dollar.